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Things to Consider When Buying Wood Floors

laminate-page-img1So, you are already decided that you will change the floors in your house into wood floors. That is indeed a very good idea! However, before you make your initial purchase, it is highly suggested for you to check and assess all these important things first for your wood floors needs:

Species of Each Wood Piece
Each hardwood species has its own characteristics. You should expect that there is natural variation in the color and grain of each wood piece. The floor’s unique beauty comes from these variations.

Where to Purchase Your Floors
There are a lot of online and offline stores selling pre-finished and separate wood boards depending on your needs. You may also try and visit Gwinnet Flooring since they offer a wide range of wood boards and other materials for your flooring needs. This shop also offers installation and floor maintenance services. You do not need to worry about installing brand new floors every now and then since the shop has a manufacturer’s warranty and they provide directions on how to clean and maintain the beauty of your floor.

Pre-Finished Wood Floors
All pre-finished wood floors are already sanded and stained. To make them last for a long time, each hardwood board has been sprayed with urethane.

Finished Floors
If you prefer having hardwood installed, sanded, and sprayed in the comforts of your home, you have nothing to worry about. There are choices available to you. However, keep in mind that this process is more time consuming compared to purchasing some pre-finished wood boards. Two to three coats of urethane is also needed to ensure that the natural beauty of the boards is preserved. This may be a tedious process, but the result of this customization is unique and you cannot find it anywhere else.

Dust-Free Floors
One thing to consider if you will choose to have wood floors in your house is the challenging of keeping things free from dust. Some sanding and brush marks, as well as bubbles and dust, can be seen on top of your “freshly made” floor. If this situation is bothersome for you, you can recoat the floors any time you want.

Effects of Weather
Due to the changes in temperature and moisture, wood usually expands or contracts and changes such as hairline cracks can be seen. If the place where you live has a wet weather, your house should be well insulated. On the other hand, if the place where you live in has a dry weather, having a humidifier in your house is a good idea since it helps in minimizing weather effects.

Effects of UV Light
The floors, when exposed to sunlight, can fade or change their shades faster. To avoid uneven fading in your wooden floors, it is highly advisable to use floor treatments.

Cost of Wood Floors
Aside from the wooden board itself, there are other things that you would need to pay for in order to acquire a hardwood floor in your house. The other things that you would need to pay for are:

  • Disposal of old floor boards
  • Preparation of your floor
  • Delivery of the product
  • Installation
  • Additional materials to install the wooden boards

Other than these things, to maintain the natural beauty of your floor, annual cleaning is highly recommended.

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