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1232 Jennie Lane SW Lilburn, GA 30047

High Quality Discount Carpet in Lilburn

page3-icon5The world’s top caliber and largest carpet manufacturers like Shaw, Mohawk, and Beaulieu are all located in Georgia, a place that is part of the rich history of the carpet industry. Gwinnett Carpet and Flooring located in Lilburn, Georgia, has over 25 years of experience in the flooring business.  It is an industry leader in flooring services that takes pride in offering a wide selection of residential and commercial discount carpet manufactured by the world’s largest carpet makers.

All these are offered at the best price in all of Metro Atlanta.

Gwinnett Carpet and Flooring has a large selection of discount carpet styles and these are available in its Lilburn retail store and showroom. You can choose from the variety of styles that suit your need and budget. There are actually two general styles of carpets. These are the Cut Pile and Loop Pile, and each has its variations.
Let’s further look at these carpet styles and variations to help you choose which one is right for you.

Cut Pile
A carpet is made by sewing strands of yarn into a backing material to create a blanket of yarn loops. When the loops are uniformly and evenly cut, the carpet is called a cut pile. This is the standard type of carpet and still continuous to be the highest selling style of carpet.

This cut pile style looks and feels beautifully elegant and luxurious. The piles are longer and thicker and the yarns are cut so smoothly providing a very warm and comfortable soft texture. This is best for bedrooms and low traffic areas. The smoothness and softness of this carpet style makes it vulnerable to vacuum marks and also leaves footprints.

This cut pile has more texture because of the high twist level of the pile or yarn loop. This provides more durability. These are seamless carpets and vacuum marks and footprints are not noticeable. It can be used in medium traffic areas.
Other cut pile types of discount carpet that you can find at Gwinnett Carpet and Flooring website and Lilburn retail store are plush and velvet carpets.

Loop Pile
This carpet style is what you need if your priority is durability. It provides a simple, classic and traditional look. The yarn loops are uncut and it can be of different lengths creating a more textured effect. Its durability makes it great for high traffic areas of your home.

This loop gives a clean look. It’s usually multi-colored or flecked. Because of this, stains, or any forms of soiling are hidden and hardly noticeable. It is very durable and can be used in most part of your home, however one drawback is it’s vulnerable to snagging and running because of the uncut loop. If a loop is forcefully snagged, it will cause the loops to unravel.

To see and learn more about the different selections of discount carpet types for both residential and commercial use, you can visit Gwinnett Carpets and Flooring’s showroom in Lilburn, Georgia, or you can go to gwinettflooring.com.
You can email or call the company and talk to carpet expert representatives for a free in home estimates and consultation.

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