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Choosing the Best Residential Carpet for your Home

page3-icon2Getting both high quality and affordable flooring services for a residential carpet is not very easy even though there are so many carpet and flooring servicers out there. Homeowners need to carefully compare the price and the quality of work that each flooring companies offer. Based on customer reviews and feedback, Gwinnett Carpet and Flooring of Lilburn, Georgia is the best when it comes to quality work and pricing. The company offers free in-home estimates and consultation.

The company’s customer support can guide you in making the best decision as to how you would want your home floors covered.

There are various styles and types of residential carpet for you to choose from.  Seeing all of these may be overwhelming, making it difficult for you to choose. To simplify the process of choosing carpets, these are tidbits to give you an idea on the best carpet to use for specific rooms in your home.

The carpet to use for bedrooms usually has to give you the feeling of comfort and warmth like the softness of your bed and pillows. You can choose a color that matches the room’s interior.  You can choose cut pile carpets that are soft and smooth when you sink your feet on it. However, the user of the room also has to be considered. If you have kids, the carpet is most likely to get spilled on, soiled, and stained.

  • Master Bedroom/Guest Room – This room is most likely to have low traffic and is not subject to too much wear and tear.  You can choose the luxurious Saxony carpets that are smooth and soft textured. This type of carpet is more expensive compared to the other carpet styles.  If you want a budget carpet, choose the ones that are made of polyester.
  • Children’s Bedroom
    Kids tend to be messy, so choose a carpet style that can hide stains and soiling. You can choose multi-colored or patterned carpets. You need a carpet that is made of stain resistant nylon or polyester fibers. You can choose cut pile plush for your kid’s room. This carpet style is also soft, smooth and dense.

Living Room
It’s common for living rooms to have high foot traffic as they are mostly used by the residents and guests of the house. Loop pile carpets are recommended for this room because these are highly durable and are easy to clean. This carpet style does not show vacuum marks and footprints and it can withstand wear and tear for a longer period. There are stain treated and solution dyed fibers that are naturally stain and fade resistant. You can choose a residential carpet made of Olefin. Nylon fibers are highly durable but are prone to staining.

Dining Room
This is the place in your home where the floor is most likely to suffer from spills, stains, and soil. Loop Berber carpets are recommended. There are carpet patterns available that can match the design of the area. This carpet is more textured, very durable, and the loop fibers hide stains and soiling.

You can go online and visit gwinnettflooring.com to check all the residential carpet selections available for you. You can also contact or email customer supports for any questions that you have. Or you can visit the retail store and showroom in Lilburn and talk to the company’s sales person for assistance. This company is a leader in the flooring industry for Metro Atlanta and has established its name for its excellent customer service and professionalism. Commissioning their services will definitely have your home floors covered with elegance and unique beauty at an unbeatable.

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