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Advantages of laminate Flooring

page4-img1One of the newest inventions in flooring, which is very popular nowadays, is the laminate flooring. Since it is versatile, very easy to maintain, and has a very affordable price, a lot of people and manufacturers call it the “super flooring”. However, same with other flooring materials, the laminate flooring also has some major drawbacks. Before you finalize your decision if you will be using this kind of flooring in your house or in your business property, it is important to know first the pros and cons that come with this flooring material.

Advantages of Laminate Flooring

1. They are more convenient in size and packaging. Compared to the conventional hardwood flooring which comes in sizes of 8 to 10 feet (or longer), laminated floorings comes in 4-inch cuts. Some manufacturers are also selling them in tile form.


2. They are versatile and come in different looks too. Because of the modern printing technology, laminated floorings can copy the looks of natural hardwood designs. They have a variety of designs, ranging from natural stone designs to ceramic floor designs.

3. Easy to clean and easy to maintain. Because of the wear layers on the laminated floors, stains, dust, and spills cannot leave any spot. Cleaning and maintenance are also both very easy. To remove any grit or dirt on the floor, regular sweeping or vacuuming should be done.


4. No sweat installation. Laminate flooring installation may be the easiest do-it-yourself activity you will be making your entire life. Thanks to the new innovations for this material, there is no need for any adhesive or glue to be used during installation. You’ll start by rolling down a sheet of the underlayment material then just snap each plank (or floor tiles if you purchased those) together. You just need to exert effort for up to two days in order to cover an entire room floor.

5. You can use them anywhere, anytime you want. You can install the laminate floorings at any part of your house (except on a carpeted floor). All you just need to make sure is that the moisture is balanced and water prevention measures have been made. Compared to the normal floor changing process, there is no need to remove any old floors installed in the floor you would wish to change into laminate floor.


6. Resistant to elements. Using different outdoor agents in cleaning a laminate floor will leave no stain or residue on the planks. The wear layer technology on each plank protects it from stains and smudges, making it a great flooring material for most entryways or hallways of buildings.

7. Safe for you and your family. Laminated floors are resistant to any bacteria, mold, and dirt buildup. To make it even much safer, especially if you have any children at home, you may use any anti-bacterial solution.


Laminated wood floors are not only versatile, but they are also affordable and low maintenance. You may use them at almost every corner of your house.

If you are excited to use it for your home flooring needs, you may visit your nearest construction store or you can also just stay in your house and order all your needs online. You may want to try Gwinnet Flooring since they offer a wide range of wood boards and other materials for your flooring needs. Just sit back and enjoy the wonders of this flooring technology.

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